About FiG

Feminists in Games, funded by a Canadian SSHRC Grant is an endeavor created with the purpose of assembling an international research association of digital media researchers from a full range of salient disciplines to begin building ‘connective tissue’ between and among them, so as to (a) better understand the origins and consequences of this gendered digital divide, and (b) intervene in its reproduction.

The activities and goals of FiG include:

1) 2, 3-day Gender and Digital Games Research Symposia

2) Using the collective critical consideration and feedback from the aforementioned meetings to build an association in which academic partners will engage industry partners in the subsequent conduct of the research, including an industry-side implementation and evaluation of the research findings.

3) Creating knowledge transfer between academy and industry in the form of a web 2.0 interactive database for gender-focused research for the games industry.