Halo 4 and The Permaban

Bon­nie Ross, head of 343 Indus­tries, and Kiki Wolfkill, exec­u­tive pro­ducer of Halo 4, recently announced that Xbox Live play­ers who make sex­ist or dis­crim­i­na­tory com­ments can be penal­ized with a life­time ban from Halo 4. Read more about it here at GamesSpot. This deci­sion has pro­voked a mul­ti­tude of responses a few of which I […]

Extra Credits’ Initiative on Hate Speech in the Gaming Community

One of the most (unfor­tu­nately) ever-present issues in the gam­ing com­mu­nity, and all sorts of other com­mu­ni­ties for that mat­ter, is hate speech and misog­yny.  This week Extra Cred­its posted a call to arms. I can’t say it bet­ter than they can, so here it is.

Mysogyny and The Old Republic

This is an inter­est­ing arti­cle in Forbes that describes the atti­tude towards not only women gamers but about the mysog­yny that is implicit within the games them­selves. The author quotes a blog by Becky Cham­bers at The Mary Sue: Women are harassed, trolled, and belit­tled, all for hav­ing the audac­ity to speak over a micro­phone or […]

From “Zee’s Blog” a critique of a chart about sexism in games.

Here is an inter­est­ing post. It’s a crit­i­cal look at a chart that tries (but fails) to describe sex­ual objec­ti­fi­ca­tion and sex­ism in video game avatars.    

What? A sexist joke was made in poor taste?

Stephen Totilo reported here on the Kotaku site that there was back­lash when Tom Bis­sell wrote the fol­low­ing in his review of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: If you have no idea what the Elder Scrolls fran­chise is, you are prob­a­bly either (a) an adult woman, or (b) the sort of per­son who once beat […]

Picking Boobs Is Harder Than You Think

Don’t worry, it’s just a harm­less android game : ) A PUZ­ZLE game. Click here to see Brian Ashcroft’s post (and a video) on the site Kotaku about the game Oppai Choice, “Boob Choice.” Really.

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