FiG 2013

Well Folks, we did it! The 2nd Fem­i­nists in Games work­shop was full of ani­mated dis­cus­sion, won­der­ful thinkers, and all around beau­ti­ful peo­ple. I am also hon­oured that so many atten­dees wrote up their expe­ri­ences and the con­fer­ence high­lights. When I have a chance I will post the video that we took, but until then, I would sug­gest that every­one check out the following:

Saman­tha Allen’s write-up, on The Bor­der House Blog.

Emily Yakashiro’s write-up, on the Gen­der­Fo­cus Blog.

Port­man Doe’s write-up, on the Port­man Doe Blog.

Anita Sarkeesian’s com­pi­la­tion of tweets about her talk.

Saman­tha Allen’s storify of her talk.

Cecily Carver’s storify of her talk. 

If I’m miss­ing any­thing, please let me know!


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