FiG funded projects. Check them out!

About a month ago we had a get-together in Toronto and we received an update on the status of a few of the projects that we were able to fund. FiG folk have been working hard and have done some amazing things!


Dames Making Games:

Jennie Faber and Cecily Carver ran another successful incubator over the summer, Jeuxly. Their final report with all the details is available here.

AND you can play some of the games from the incubator on the DMG blog here.


Hannah Epstein:

Check out the links below to Hannah Epstein’s game-in-progress, PsXXYborg:

• YouTube
• Pinterest
•Twitter: @HawnzEppy



FiG is funding another game incubator, this time in Montreal. Pixelles, run by coordinators Rebecca Cohen Palacios and Tanya Short, began on January 14th. Embedded researcher Tamara Shepherd and long time FiG member Alison Harvey will keep us updated on the happenings. Check out what they have been up to here.



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