Boost Electricity Generation With Blockchain: South African Startup Momint Seeks Solution

Overview of Momint’s Blockchain-Based Solution

• South African startup Momint has launched a blockchain-powered solution to ease the country’s energy woes.
• Investors can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to solar cells for about $9, which are then leased to institutions such as schools and hospitals.
• The blockchain solution makes the project transparent and lowers risks for Momint.

Suncash Initiative Launched by Momint

South African startup Momint has said the recently launched Suncash initiative aims to ease the country’s power generation challenges. For about $9, investors can reportedly buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to solar cells which are then leased to institutions such as schools and hospitals.
The solar cells are installed on rooftops of public institutions like hospitals and schools, with an example of one pilot project being at Delmas High School in Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The NFTs are purchased for a minimum price of just under $9, with the generated electricity being sold via a standard power purchase agreement.

Benefits of Blockchain Solution

Ahren Posthumus, CEO of Momint, commented that his company chose this project because it wants to help South Africa overcome its power generation challenges: “We are a technology company that’s trying to build for the next 15 years, but what we realised is we can’t build a technology company in a country that doesn’t have electricity.“ He also noted that his organization does not expect any financial gain from this project as it is „not financially sustainable“.
Posthumus further explained why his startup chose blockchain technology; stating that this not only makes the project transparent but also lowers risks for his company. He stated: “We take legal contracts that represent ownership of each individual cell, and we put those legal contracts into a file that’s typically referred to as ‚the token‘ on the blockchain. It’s called a smart contract.“ This smart contract grants ownership rights over the underlying asset and any revenues generated from it.

Momint Seeking Partnerships with Multiple Institutions

Moment has been actively seeking partnerships with multiple institutions in order to expand their reach across South Africa. These partnerships allow both parties involved – including investors – access to innovative solutions while providing electric power at lower costs than traditional sources would provide. Additionally, these partnerships will help Moment achieve their goal of providing clean energy solutions while helping reduce environmental pollution caused by traditional energy sources such as coal or oil plants used by many countries worldwide today.


Moment has taken an innovative approach towards solving South Africa’s electricity woes through their Suncash initiative powered by blockchain technology. By allowing individuals and organizations alike access to lower cost electricity produced through rooftop solar systems, Moment is helping create an efficient energy supply chain while promoting renewable energy sources such as solar power across Africa and beyond– ultimately benefiting both people and nature alike!