Crypto Gains Popularity in Chile: 23% of Investors Choose as First Investment Option

• Crypto has risen in popularity in Chile and is now the third most popular investment asset, behind investment funds and real estate.
• The survey from Bain & Company found that 23% of those polled chose crypto as their first investment option for 2022.
• The trend is driven by investors who view crypto as a potentially lucrative investment despite the industry’s challenging year in 2022.

Cryptocurrency has seen a rise in popularity in Chile as an investment option, according to a survey conducted by global consulting firm Bain & Company. The survey found that crypto is ranked as the third most popular asset choice among Chilean investors, after investment funds and real estate. This trend is being driven by investors who are seeking alternative investments in light of volatile markets and the potential for high returns on crypto investments.

Chile, which has faced high devaluation and inflation rates in recent years, is among the five countries in Latin America with the worst inflation. This has caused investors to look for alternative investments, and crypto has become increasingly popular as a result. According to the survey results, 23% of those polled chose crypto as their first investment option for 2022, putting it in third place among all options. Investment funds took first place in the survey, with 36% of the polled having chosen this as their first investment option, while 24% of the people polled answered having invested in real estate.

Marcial Rapela, partner at Bain Chile, commented on the survey results by saying, “This figure coincides with the trend that we have seen in recent times, where digital currencies have become increasingly popular given their high levels of liquidity and the potential for rapid returns.” He went on to say that many investors view crypto as a more secure and reliable investment option than traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds.

The survey results are likely to be seen as a positive sign for the crypto industry, which has had a challenging year in 2022. This includes the bankruptcy of FTX and the demise of Terra, two major players in the industry. Despite these difficult events, investors’ trust in crypto has not been shaken, and many are still looking to it as a potentially lucrative investment option.

The rise in popularity of crypto in Chile is a sign that the industry is continuing to gain traction in the country and across Latin America. With the potential for high returns, investors are increasingly turning to crypto as a safe and reliable alternative. This trend is likely to continue in the years to come, as more investors look to crypto as a viable investment option.