Elon Musk climbs to 4th place among the world’s richest in the midst of Bitcoin price hike

The eccentric millionaire and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX saw his wealth grow after a successful journey for the electric car company. With 38.7 million shares of Tesla at a price of $1,860 at the time of writing, Musk’s estate stands at nearly $72 billion and allows him to position himself as the fourth richest man in the world.

Tesla’s rebound has coincided with the rise in the price of Bitcoin, an asset that opened on Monday with a rise of nearly 4% and reached $12,470, its highest price so far this year.

TradingView confirms it: people love Bitcoin and Tesla

Musk, who has joked several times about cryptomonies, also owns Bitcoin, as he confessed to J.K. Rowling via Twitter. However, despite being one of the richest men in the world, he only owns 0.25 Bitcoins. At today’s price, that’s about $3050 that we could also add to the billionaire’s net worth.

Dogecoin, the billionaire’s „favorite“ currency
Against all odds, the digital currency that has won the heart of the South African/American has not been Bitcoin and, as he has sarcastically stated on several occasions, his favourite is Dogecoin, the popular meme currency.

Last month he joked on Twitter that it was „inevitable“ that the „Dogecoin standard“ would engulf the entire global economic system. In response to that tweet he commented that he „only sells DOGE“.

And that wasn’t the only time he expressed „his love“ for the digital currency of the Shiba Inu. In April 2019 he expressly mentioned on Twitter that Dogecoin was great and that „it could be his favorite cryptomoney.